Introducing Your Girlfriend To Your Family

How to Introduce Your Girlfriend to Your Family

So, there is this girl you have been with for a while, and have decided it is her you want to spend the rest of your life with. What next?  One of the hardest decisions one has to make is facing your parents and introducing her, not as a friend, but as your wife to be. This is the art of manliness that most bachelors find intimidating. If you have made the decision to introduce her to your family, then there are several other decisions you have to make.

New Family Relationships

Introducing her to your family will be nerve-racking to her. This means you have to prepare her first. Never plan on a surprise visit especially if she has never met any of your family members before. Before making this decision, you have to be concrete sure that it is her you want to spend your life with, and not a fling.  Talk to your girlfriend about the visit, your intentions and what to expect on the other end.  This should give her enough time to prepare and make herself presentable to the in-laws to be.

The next step will be preparing the family, and especially your parents about the visit, and its purpose. Since you already know your parents, it will be best to request them to act in modesty when she arrives, and try not to intimidate her. Warn them of any awkward questions that they may ask, that will make her uncomfortable. Sensitive topics should be avoided at all cost.

Meeting Your New In Laws Once the meeting is set, rehearse the setup with your girlfriend on the D-day. First impression matters a lot especially to both her, and your parents. Be ready to stand with her all way through the meeting without neglecting your parents. When food is served, be the one to serve her and make her feel at home as much as you can. Stick by her side as much as you can until she has familiarized herself with the family members, and is comfortable conversing with them even in your absence.